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Pop Up 11th and 12th April


union jack cushion

We cannot even to begin to say how excited we are about our Floral pop up next month: Put the date in your diary: 11th and 12th April 2015 from 10-4pm each day.


We are not popping up alone, but have gathered together a dozen of our very favourite sellers who have been hoarding and collecting with us in mind, gathering up Sarah Moore Style Vintage for many months. We will also be sharing our own fabrics and wallpapers, available to buy by the square, meter or piece to suit your budget and your projects. Goose Home and Garden, The Old Haberdashery, Found and Love Lane Vintage are all coming along. And  The Washerwoman and Sue Meager are making their way up from the West Country with bundles of brilliant vintage too. Antoinette O’Sullivan is bringing along some lovely curtains too. 

Sarah Moore Vintage Studio

We are opening up our big flint barn on the Hooksway on top of the South Downs between Petersfield and Chichester. And packing it to the rafters with a hoard of beautiful fabrics, wallpapers, gardenalia, original painted and vintage furniture. With Haberdashery and even some beautiful frock coats.

Dairy House

You can come along on Saturday to one of corsage courses and take away a goodie bag of mini makes fabrics, or just come and oak up the atmosphere and visit the old dairy attached to the barn for a freshly baked scone and lovely cup of tea.


ragged robin


If you would like to come along, pop you name onto our event page HERE and we will add you to the guest list or mail at so we know how many scones to bake.


Its rustic and rural on the top of our hill, more potting shed than emporium, and if there are April showers it might be a little muddy, but we are in a National Park and just off the South Downs way and 300m from The Royal Oak. A pretty pink pub with really good pies, ploughman’s and straightforward pub lunches. Call Dave to book a table and say Sarah sent you. 01243 535 257.

vintage wallpapers

Like many rural areas reception is patchy, so we cannot take payments by credit card. Please bring along a cheque book or cash as card machines don’t work on the hill top.



Beautiful and useful and 10% OFF!

Alongside our fabrics and handmade pieces we do like to sell a few Beautiful and Useful things that we just can’t resist. Our enamelware is a case in point. It had all of the robust charm and good looks that make it sit comfortably in our Sarah Moore Home. And to mark the start of outdoor eating, camping and going to the beach season we are offering a fab 10% off all our enamelware until the beginning of JUNE: Add code SUMMER10 at checkout in the VOUCHER box.

enamel mugs

We love our billy can style flask and cup combination. We use them all year as bedside drink holders and then they really come into their own in the summer. If you fancy an Enid Blyton moment try making this refreshing homemade ginger beer.


Into a bowl, finely grate a nice fat chunk of GINGER: (you don’t need to peel it) and then the zest of two or three LEMONS. Spoon over 4 or so big tablespoonfuls of MUSCAVADO SUGAR, the JUICE from the lemons and stir it all around, squashing the flavours into the sugar. Add a litre of SPARKLING WATER and let it brew for ten minutes. Check the flavour and add a little more sugar if necessary before sieving into your Flask. Pour over ice and a few mint leaves. For adults, try adding slug of vodka and some slices of lime!

Our mini tumblers have been proving very popular too; Fill them with cracked black pepper and flakes of sea salt as a pair of pinch pots, or they are the perfect size for a tiramisu.


For a quick and easy version, coarsely crumble some sponge cake into the bottom of 6 mini tumblers until they are around half full. Brew a strong couple of shots of fresh coffee and add about the same amount again of Tia Maria or coffee liqueur and a heaped teaspoon of sugar. Share this between the six tumblers, pouring it over the sponge. Whip up a small pot of double cream, swirl through a couple of generous spoonfuls of mascapone and a little caster sugar to taste. Spoon this into the mini tumblers and top with a really generous grating of milk chocolate.

sweet enamel teapots

We have been seeking a proper pouring teapot for ages; This little two or three cupper is pretty too and available in cornflower blue or jolly red enamel. At the base of the spout it has those useful holes so that you can brew whole fresh mint tea or other herbals in the pot without leaves escaping into the cup. We will be taking ours out into the garden, on camping trips and down to the beach and fingers crossed, using in in our outside office when it is too scorching for working in the studio!

garden office


If you drop the enamel ware it may chip, but don’t worry, it is still perfectly safe to use and we think it only adds to the charm of the piece.

pretty Poultry

We have some brilliant pigeon coloured enamel roasting sets, mugs and finally some quirky old fashioned looking jelly moulds. If old enamel is your thing, we will be stalling out at probably the best Fete in the World, Lurgashall, West Sussex on 7th from 2pm where you can look over our original pieces before having a go on the coconut shy or having lunch at the beautiful Noahs Ark Inn. We hope to see you there, and on our order page claiming your 10% off.





Living the Dream

Spring days are finally here. The buds are bursting on the trees and their is blossom about to confetti the countryside and we have had an unexpected good early crop of peas!

Handmade and bursting with colours from forget me not blue to pale hyacinth pink.





We have been raising our standards in honour of St Georges Day. We haven’t found any vintage St Georges crosses yet, but can never resist a fluttering Union Jack!





And for all our changeable weather, we cant tell you how glad we are to be in England now that April is here for we have the loveliest of Lilacs.





We have had a flurry of brilliant birthdays and have found a huge number of very vintage cake plates that we will be listing on our site shortly to share with you all.

We would love to see as many friendly faces at the Decorative Living Fair at Eridge Park in Kent on 16th May. Book the date in your diary and bring your friends to share the launch of “Vintage Home” at our stall.






Easter Bunnies

As spring is just around the corner, and Easter already in sight, we thought we would share our Easter Bunny make with you. Visit our shop to buy a bunny kit or if sewing is not your thing, let us make one for you. For your free pattern, follow the links from above the Country Living magazine found on the top right hand corner of our Homepage.
Our little friends are made from finest merino blankets, stuffed with local lavender and tiny shiny millet seeds, or fleece from the flock just up the road. You can use reclaimed fabric from shrunken jumpers, any blanket or wool fabric or felt. The fabric needs to have a little stretchiness to it and be tightly woven enough so that the millet and lavender can not work their way through between the threads. You can fill them like ours or use toy stuffing available from craft and sewing stores.
You can also make little carrots for them from scraps of orangey material.

You will need
Paper pattern and paper scissors
Wool blanket or felted jumper
Sewing thread the same colour as your material
Tailors chalk or soluble fabric pen
Sewing Scissors (I keep mine hidden as a couple of cuts through paper can really take the sharp edge off)
Sewing machine
Embroidery thread and needle for face detail
Stuffing, sheep’s wool or lavender and millet seeds
Ribbon for Bow










For carrots
Orange felt or wool fabric.
Green ribbon or leaf shapes of fabric

Felt or wool fabric

Tips and hints
If your favourite jumper ends up in the wrong wash and shrinks, save it for this project. My first bunnies were made of very expensive four ply cashmere washing mistakes!

You can buy the kit or a finished bunny from our shop or download the template from the PATTERNS link of the COUNTRY LIVING section on the top right hand corner of our homepage.

To make
Cut around the pattern to make the outline of the bunny. If you are going to make lots of these, try making a fabric template as these move around less than the paper ones.

Use chalk or one of the special water soluble fabric pens to draw around the outline onto the wrong side of the material. This will be your sewing line. Cut around this shape roughly, about 2cms from the sewing line. Use this shape as a pattern to cut the back of the bunny.










Place the two fabric pieces Right sides together and pin in place.
Starting at the right shoulder, and using a small straight stitch, sew all around the bunny until you reach the base of the right ear. Don’t forget to over sew the first and last couple of stitches so that it is good and strong.


Remove the pins and then turn the bunny right side around. Use the handle of a wooden spoon or blunt end of a pencil to push out the skinny ears, legs and arms.










Start to stuff. Push the stuffing right down into the ends of the ears, arms and legs. Use the wooden spoon again to pack the stuffing in. Check that that the whole bunny if as full as possible and then hand sew the opening closed to mirror the other side of the bunnies face. Use little stitches and secure the thread well and snip it off.

Use the same thread to sew a line of stitches right through the body of the bunny, from his shoulder to underarm to add definition to the arms.

For the eyes and nose details, draw out your bunnies face on paper first so you know what you are aiming at. Take a darning needle and dark wool or embroidery thread, push the needle in through the back of the head and add the two little round eyes first. Add a mouth and joined up nose too, secure the thread with a couple of stitches and push the needle through to the back of the head. Cut off the loose ends.

Cut a triangle of orange fabric, place little cut out leaves or lengths of ribbon all along one side and sew them in place on the machine. Roll up the triangle into a tight, carrot shaped cone, with the leaves at the top, and hand sew along the edge of the carrot so it cannot unroll.




Sewn on jacket
Use the paper template of the whole bunny and create a simple jacket shape by drawing as line at the neck, waist and wrists . Cut it out create a pattern. Draw around the pattern and then cut out two jacket shapes. Leave the back one as it is, and snip a v shape out of the neck of the other.






Handsew the jacket to the bunny all the way round the seams and under the arms, joining the fabric together as you sew up the arms.

Finally, hand sew your bunnies paws together so he can hold his carrot and add a little pompom if you have one for a tail.

Mad March Hare

Hare fauxidermy

Spring has definately sprung at Sarah Moore Vintage.  This Mad March Hare has been seen leaving the Studio on his way to a Birthday Party.

Hand stitched with carefully cut out layers of floral velvet, welsh blanket, handloomed wool fabric and tapestry, he is a handsome creature to behold. Hopping onto an antique gilt and gesso stand, we think that he will make a really original present.

He took hours to make, but like most good things, we think he is worth the wait.  A bit like our Shop. Which really is about to open.


We hope you are full of the joys of spring and see you soon to browse through our first collection.